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Farmers terrorized by Megasite in Jefferson County, TN
6 Mar 2013
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By Donna Raybon

Our community, Talbott-Kansas, located due west of the Interstate 81 and Interstate 40 split in Jefferson county, Tennessee, has been terrorized since the second week of January with the very real threat of a 'megasite' of over 2800 acres total being located here. Our county is still a FARMING area, with 30 gallons of milk produced for every man, woman, child (using stats from 2010 census) per year from our licensed Grade A dairies, as well as more than enough chicken and beef to feed our county many times over! We are a rural community of homes and farms. We lack the money to fight this, but are scrambling to do the best we can do with what we have. We fully understand that the proponents of this disaster have the huge baseball bat of government and pretty much a bottomless bag of money. There are 103 landowners in the phase one 'footprint.'

Our basic tax rate is $2.05 and it takes one penny to generate $117,000.  So, this megasite has already cost the county almost half a million with another two and a half million to be requested in June.  According to the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce own 'impact study' the county will spend $60,000,000 to buy land (no matter that 3/4 of landowners have said NOT FOR SALE, total of 1400 acres of the phase 1 1800 acres) install infrastructure and make it ready to GIVE to an industry.


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