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UBS AgriVest Buys 9,754 acres in southwest Wisconsin
3 Dec 2012

"UBS AgriVest paid $67.5 million or about $6,922 per acre for 9,754 acres in southwest Wisconsin. The deal ranks among the biggest sales of Wisconsin cropland in recent memory and is unusual for the UBS fund since its average farm investment is $4.8 million. The purchase also marks UBS AgriVest’ s return to the Midwest after at least three years, while it sought more attractively priced farm properties in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Idaho and Oregon[...]

The Wisconsin seller is Cass Realty Company LLC, an investment vehicle of Ray Eckstein, a Cassville, Wis. native[...]

Mr. Eckstein was the largest private landowner in Wisconsin’s Grant County. The property sold to UBS AgriVest was assembled over the last 30 years or so and includes an estimated 8,300 tillable acres spread across a patchwork of mostly 200 to 400-acre tracts, and 1.6 million bushels of grain storage."


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