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Quick stats from Gympie's Resilient Leaders Network Facebook Page
7 Mar 2013
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We notified Gympie's Resilient Leaders that Gympie could flood over the Australia Day long weekend on Friday 25th January 2013.  Emails were sent to all of the 35 founding members and the same information shared on the Facebook page at about 3.30pm that afternoon. 

Over the Australia day weekend, we continued to post weather and forecast updates, which soon turned into severe weather warnings, road closures and flood updates. Throughout the duration of Ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, event we continued to provide and share real time and up to date information on school closures, bus routes, funding, support and assistance, as well as Mary river flood heights, weather warnings and predictions. After this January event, GRLN Facebook page members had grown to the 400's.

After yet another flood event, at the end of February, although just as trying emotionally taxing, it was not recognised as a disaster. Our Facebook hours were just as long and the emotional weight just as taxing for everyone. Then last weekend, the first in March withextreme weather looming large, the page numbers once again grew, this time from th 400's to 1,526.  

For those unfamiliar with how Facebook pages work, as a page administrator you are provided with a great deal of detail on how your posts are being viewed, where they go and how often they are being shared. The above screen shots show that in this past week, alone over 200,000 Facebook users are reached, as well as some example posts and the type of data provided against each one. This is the iPad view, the data available from a pc is different again.

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