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Hinchinbrook Pro-Social Funding Program
23 Feb 2013
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The HSC Pro-Social Funding Program was rolled out on the 23 February 2013. Advertisements in the local paper, a media release and ‘word of mouth’ have proved to be invaluable in getting the message out to a much wider audience about the availability of these small community grants. 

The Community Development Team has developed a funding model to encourage connectedness and collaboration between existing service providers and the wider community.  Through the CDEI program six local permanent flagship organisations within the Hinchinbrook community will be granted funding of $20,000 consisting of three $5,000 micro grants (totalling $15,000) and a $5,000 administration allocation to assist in supporting the program requirements.

The Micro Grants program has been advertised locally to create interest and help direct applicants to appropriate funding sources (for example; organisations with youth based programs will know to approach Lower Herbert Blue Light Association). 

The following six flagship organisations will act as the key delivery partners.

Youth – Lower Herbert Blue Light Association

Queensland Blue Light is an incorporated association run by Police & Civilian volunteers, who have proudly been supporting Queensland youth for 26 years. Funded primarily through the support of their Corporate Club and donations, they achieve this by providing a variety of safe supervised activities, where ever possible, they also support other youth oriented groups within the community.


Seniors – Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre

Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre aims to empower individuals through inclusive social support. They offer supported accommodation for homeless or at risk of homelessness, domestic violence assistance, youth support, community recovery, emergency relief program, practical counselling, CORES program (Community Response to Eliminating Suicide), information and referral pathways, and groups for socially isolated, disadvantaged community members.

Empowers the community through inclusive social support.


Families – Ingham Disability Support Services

The organisation was established in 1976 to assist individuals in the Hinchinbrook Shire access support services.  From that point the organisation has grown to provide a variety of supports to those residing in the shire as well as centre based respite services to those who require it who reside anywhere in Queensland.  Their strongest principle of service provision is that they are flexible and will meet the client’s needs within a framework of individual service provision. 


Community Services & Volunteers – Herbert River Men’s Shed

The HRMS was formed by a group of retired men in the district who saw the need for males to have a greater interest in both community and personal activities and thought a Men's Shed would fit the bill. They are a not for profit organisation and cater to other NFPO's using our skills from a previous life to assist in projects other tradies find to small or are unwilling to do. This allows the self esteem of members to flourish and as a result our membership now stands at 56 since June last year. Our members also take projects such as DIY for women and toy making for hospitals and day care centres as well as for sale.

We continue to assist 'youth at risk' with woodwork programs.

SES – Ingham

The Hinchinbrook Unit of the State Emergency Service has two groups, one in Ingham and the other at Halifax.  The groups meet regularly for training on a Monday night at the SES Headquarters in Menzies Street, Ingham from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.


The SES is a volunteer organisation, serving the community mainly during times of disaster.  Both Groups are recruiting for active volunteers to boost the member numbers.  Be a part of the SES serving your community and join the men and women of the “Orange Army.”


Healthy Lifestyle - Healthy Hinchinbrook

The Hinchinbrook Shire Council has driven the development of the Healthy Hinchinbrook Committee. This committee is made up of Local and State Government Representatives, community organisations, local school teachers and community representatives with an interest in health and wellbeing of the community. Regular monthly meetings are held and initiatives are progressed through the identified needs outlined in the action plan, and partnerships within the committee. This committee has implemented numerous healthy initiatives within the Hinchinbrook region. From this committee key outcomes include the successful maintenance of partnerships, information sharing (regarding community consultation and new services/programs), successful applications for funding, and implementation of successful projects that target a wide range of the population.

A key important outcome of the Healthy Hinchinbrook Committee is to create a supportive and sustainable community that allows residents and visitors to be active and healthy. The Hinchinbrook Shire Council has driven a number of initiatives, with the support of the Healthy Hinchinbrook Committee, to achieve this overall aim. Some of these initiatives include the development of the TYTO Wetlands Walking Trail; installation water bubblers,  10,000 Steps Walkways signage, and fitness stations; training local community members to become Tai Chi instructors, and; improving accessibility and affordability of physical activity opportunities for all community members.


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